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Project Description

Victorian Injury and Claim Support – Mobile App

Information and tools at your fingertips

“The app is designed to simplify the legislative landscape of the compensation system, and also outline important steps in lodging a successful injury claim with WorkSafe.”

“The app is simple and easy to use and will guide injured workers and their employers through the worker’s compensation process. It allows for claims information and tools at your fingertips.”

WorkSafe’s Executive Director Insurance Business Unit, Simon Bailey

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The brief

The Victorian Injury and Claim Support app, or VicClaim, was to be the first venture into the ‘mobile only’ space for WorkSafe Victoria. The goal was to develop an app which would support WorkSafe’s agents, who manage the direct relationship with employers (user A) and workers (user B) in relation to claims after an injury. The app was to provide users with a simple and easy-to-use mobile and tablet application to help navigate their way through the compensation claims process.

Injured workers can

  • Understand what to do after they have been injured.
  • Learn about how to submit a claim, and what happens after their claim is submitted.
  • Discover what they need to know once a claim decision has been made.
  • Learn which treatments and services are available to assist their recovery.
  • Find out what the people involved in the claim will do to support their recovery and return to work.
  • Contact their WorkSafe Agents.

My role

My role in the project was broad and spanned business requirements gathering, functional specification, user experience, wireframing and prototyping, Agile Project Management.

Requirements gathering

I helped run a series of workshops and physical card sorts with internal stakeholders and representatives from each of the five WorkSafe agents.

The findings from those sessions gave me enough information to develop business requirements and functional specifications outlining the main features of the app, and site architecture.

Features of the app to include

  • GPS navigation to locate service providers close by.
  • A list of the people involved in the claims process and how they can help you.
  • A step-by-step guide to the compensation claims process.
  • Details about treatments available to injured workers to assist in their recovery.
  • Submit copies of claims materials such as invoices.
  • Contact details for approved WorkSafe agents.

Designing the main functionality


Agent Specific

The app needed to be dynamically branded for each of the five WorkSafe’s Agents depending on which agent the user selects. It was also decided the app would need to pre populate the call and email functions with the specific agent contact details.


Store Details

Agent case manager contact and case file details needed to be stored in the app. This gave the user direct access to the right people involved with managing their case and allowed one touch access while on the go.


Capture and Send

The app needed the ability for the user to photograph medical certificates and invoices using a ‘Capture and Send” feature. This sensitive information was processed automatically through an automated backend system and sent directly to a case manager.

Provider Search

Search functionality which utilises a phone or tablet’s GPS feature which gives the user the ability to find locally registered and approved service providers, such as physios, gyms, pools, and even gardeners.

User journey optimisation

Each task or function was subjected to journey optimisation across multiple touchpoints, in order to direct or influence the end-to-end experience.

‘Capture and Send’ function

We employed external agency Ladoo to help us design and implement the capture and send functionality. They had previous experience working with mobile OCR software. The intent was for the user to take photos of their important documentation direct on their mobile device, so it was important those captured images were cleaned up by the software as to avoid any issues the receiver may have.

Working with agile gave us the benefit of continuous iteration and testing. It was my job to make sure each iteration of the design was scrutinised to match the user story criteria, yet allowing for the app to be refined further during the design stage.

Interactive prototypes get early buy-in

A number of interactive prototypes were presented to stakeholders for testing on their mobile devices. Budget and time constraints give me the opportunity to build these prototypes in-house myself. After minor tweaks, they were handed over to developers to model screen interactions off.

Excellent results

Ladoo created the app just how we imagined and after a couple of testing on no less than 15 different devices we were ready to go live.

This was a very successful project and delivered a week ahead of time; it needed to be early because the minister for the department was the one tasked with launching the app.

VicClaim is available to download free from the Apple App Store and Google Play. We had over 800 downloads in the first month.

This project earned Steve Wardle awards for innovation and collaboration and set the bar for future WorkSafe mobile apps.

“As a result of your expertise and input into the development of VWA’s first mobile application, VIC Claim, the design of the application is intuitive and ensures a quality user experience. You also excelled at identifying solutions to issues that arose during the life of the project. Your involvement was essential to the success of the project and we look forward to working with you again in the future.”

Simon Bailey, Director Claims Division, WorkSafe Victoria